Everything began with him…


Bautz von der Trauerweide (1964-1977) was a loyal and affectionate companion in my young days to me. He showed me, that a dog can make your life considerably happier!

I’m breeding in the LABRADOR CLUB GERMANY (VDH/FCI) and I’m a member since 1997.


Black, brown and yellow dogs are bred in the Kennel v. JÜTTWANG. All dogs are X-rayed on HD/ED, their eyes have been examined and they passed a character testing, as well as a conformation. Furthermore genetic testing on hereditary diseases and a DNA profile. At the maximum, I’m planning 2 litters a year.


Labradors live in my family since 1995.


However, I came to breeding only through my brown bitch „SCANDICA XENIA“ (Kaba). I was infatuated with this dog. Her character, appearance and health developed as I imagine a Labrador to be. Kaba became the foundation bitch of my small breeding, founded in Bürdenbach and the first litter was born in 2000.


After 15 years in Bürdenbach, where we enjoyed living, we moved to Windhagen. Up to this time 20 litters fell (T-litter) and the decision to downsize was made when our children left home one by one. Then 9 litters fell in Windhagen until the C/2-litter. In August 2022 we have now moved to Hümmerich ( more near to children and grandchildren).


My breeding goal is to breed healthy Labradors with a strong character, which will prove themselves at shows as well as in training. Although the Labrador is a hunting dog, he has proven himself in many other areas (dummy, customs dog, rescue dog, disabled companion dog, therapy dog, etc.). The training therefore offers many different possibilities to make him a well-balanced companion in life.


Our puppies are born and raised in the house with family connection. At 4 weeks they move to the puppy room where they have access to the garden.


Through the many years that I have been breeding now, friendships have developed even beyond the national border, which have now grown far beyond the Labbi virus. Thank you for that!

Jutta Haldenwang,
October 2022